We used our chainsaw!  Lookit our stack of wood, it just took us an hour to buck that up and stack it.  Why do we say buck up and not cut up?  Because we are chainsaw people now and that is what we say.  Our MS 250 works like a Japanese beaver and I don’t have to kiss any butts down at the local F.T.C. office to say so, because the products I endorse here are not supplied to me in dark alleys by shadowy maketing executives – NO!  the products I review here and recommend to you are painstakingly purchased and researched by me, for me.  I share my finds with you all because I don’t have anything better to do.  So go out and get yourself a Stihl MS 250 today, you’ll be glad you did!  Maybe you too (two?  How many people still read this old blog anyway?) will find yourself on the very first page of the google image search!


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  1. 1

    John L. said,

    I read it! Keep ’em coming Steve!

  2. 2

    Tarik said,

    I too read! I read good. Good blog pickle. Blog pickle blog.

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    Well shuckleberry, thanks for reading you devoted followers!

    Clarification on the google image search, apparently the constantly shifting world wide web sometimes feels that our saw should be on page two, sometimes on page one. I can’t explain it without a graduate degree in advance algorithmics which I do not have so just believe hows about?

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