I’ll Have The Scramble – Sunny Side Up, Please

I somehow fancy myself an endurance mountain bike racer.  Which is funny, because I have really only done one endurance mountain bike race ever.  I am, truth be told, not much of a mountain bike racer at all, I think I have only done five or six mountain bike races in the last five years.  I was going to chalk another one up last Sunday, the Sugar Bottom Scramble is everything I like in a mountain bike race.  Which just means it is close to home.  And we of 30th Century Bicycle were sponsoring by providing some faboo prizes like multi tools, Maxxis tires and Oury grips.  I hoped to maybe win something back so we could still sell it.  That would be cool!

But then the race got cancelled.  Because the trails were wet.  Because Iowa, like so many of its previous citizens, has moved to Portland.  You read that correctly.  It is grey, rainy and wet here now.  Always.  Except for when it snows.  Which it did on Saturday morning.  Not so much that we have started skiing like those lucky die hards up in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but it did snow here, and for quite a while.

So race cancelled, I decided to look on the bright side of life and go ride my mountain bike anyway.  These pictures are from a different ride, but they are where I went, and it was sunny that day so the ride looks nicer.


I rode down Sand Road and did a couple of laps around that little lake down there.  It was fun, but not so fun that I wanted to do a third lap.


Rode over the new bridge down there that makes travel so much easier so I could stop by the Jiggle Cross course to see how it looked and start working on my ss gear / tire selection.


It looked good.


Remember this?  All natural now.


Rode out to Coralville to check on the trails over there.  Those trails are still in rough shape, they need a chainsaw and a week-whacker asap or I fear they will be lost forever.



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