Bonus Ride

Fall, the season, is in full swing.  It is gray, often raining, and cold most days.  Yesterday was looking questionable for group riding, but I have learned over the years it is best to be optimistic so I took my clothes and cross bike to the shop hoping the weather would cooperate and we could have a ride.  I was not dissapointed!  The drizzle shut off and eight of us showed up at the park.  We rode up around Solon, the gravel was soupy.  3 of us had fenders, everyone else had really slimy looking shorts.  Fenders people, there is a reason that Planet Bike sponsors Katie Compton, Jonathan Page, Mark Lalonde, etc.  They train in the rain with dry bums is the reason.  Join the club!

So we rode a little patch of trails which were a hoot with the mud and the roots and the slippery sticks and there was some good natured crashing and run-upping and then we turned in.  The road home was fast, we never got a smooth rotation going but it was a good strong ride and only an oncoming car through a curve prevented me from making my move to take the win (okay, I was tired, too) so I was happy to roll across yet another fictional finish line, this time in 3rd.  And I was really glad to have gotten in a 2 hour 15 minute ride, because I thought it might not happen.

To sum up: be prepared, fenders good, the season is not over yet!


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    ira ryan said,

    amen sista! fender rock all winter long. i always remember alex riding his townie bike all winter long in comfort and style. proper gear and equipment make the riding more enjoyable making you want to keep doing it.
    the best part of rides like this is how much better they make the hot soup or coffee taste when they are done.

    pedal on!

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