What It Is All About

I dunno, try the number 42?  A good and dirty cross bike works too, for me.

STP82663I have had a great run of rides lately.  Last Thursdays group ride which I wrote about here.  Friday night we did a sushi and sake group ride from the shop.  Saturday night I rode out to Sugarbottom on the Bridgestone for the ICORR Halloween Ride.  I used to ride out there at least once a week in the dark, I quickly remembered I used to have a good lighting system for that.  Whoops.  Better luck next time for me, but it was still a great, if slow, ride on the trails, quality conversation around a fire and then the ride home was super.

Sunday morning I went over to the house of Hopson to partake of his stout coffee and another quality weekend gravel grinder.  About ten of us headed for the hills and the B roads to see what they and we were made of.  It was chilly that morning so I wore my new booties!


I know, many of you will be sad to read of the replacement of the Robin Hood, Men in Tights pair I have been nursing along for the past few years, but it was time. So on the road and there was the usual hijinx and high heartrates.  We wound around and finally made it to the Kalona fourwheeler trails, which were sloppy as ever!  I got “Ricked-Over” early on and lost contact, then I got a huge clump of some non-native vine wedged in my rear brake and by the time I had wrestled it out I had lost sight.  The trails are so leafy right now I could not follow them, rode around in some weird places and occasionaly saw a tire track so I plugged on in dogged pursuit and by the time I popped out onto the B road I could barely see just one person ahead.  Bummer, but they waited for me.  I had to head in then, most of the group kept at it but I was happy to get home with 3 + hours in and I still made it to the shop on time!

Today I went down to the Coop and put in some working member hours, then home for shed cleaning and organizing, then I cleaned the bike a bit and went out for another ride.  This time I was solo, which was good to spin the legs out.  I rode South, swung through Hills, then went a bit further South towards Riverside before turning back North.  The weather was beautiful, the gravel is nicely packed from the harvest trucks and tractors rolling around, and it was smooth sailing for 2 hours.  That is what it is all about.


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    bikeiowa said,

    Super cooler than my post, looking for a picture of the old lace up booties on my flickr page I saw that I got a message from Jacquie Phelan, how cool is that? If you don’t know you better ask somebody…


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