Time Warp

Tonight was one a them funky group rides with attitude (FuhGRahWAs) from start to finish.  I dunno why it happens, but there was some serious mayhem out there.  Crashes, split-ups, detours, wet feets, barriers, swear words, etc…  By the time I got home I was sure we had been out there for 3 hours.  Nope, just 2.  Crazyness to think back over where all we went and how much we wound around and we even waited a couple of times.

On the further subject of time, this was my last ride as a 36 year old.  I have no memory of my first ride as a 36 year old, but I will probably remember this one for a while.  I worked hard for a long time and tried my hardest to win it, for me and Gipper, too, but I was nipped on the line by the Thrillah.  No shame in that?  Maybe next year!


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