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Jingle Cross: I RUN Out Of Energy

Well, 2 days of wacky cross racing excitement are behind me.  Friday I did the 35+ race.  My first cross race in over a year!  It showed.  I had a great warm up, changed bikes and changed back within 25 minutes of the start, stopped to talk to some people, got some pictures taken, talked some more, ho hum – ho hum, over to the start, whoops, everyone is staged.  So my decent start position became crap.  They said go, we went, I was at the back, it was really muddy.  I don’t really know what happened during the race, I kept my derailler attached to my bike, rode the big switchback off-camber downhill thing every lap but the one where my derailler tried to get ripped off, in my struggle to avoid that I biffed it.  Pulled out some crud, got the chain going again and off I went.  There were many, many, many deraillers that were eaten.  Maybe us midwest crossers don’t have enough experience with the wet and sticky to bring pit bikes and people to wash them?  I dunno.  So I rode around, got tired, got recovered, really loooong run up took it’s consistent toll, I rode some sections really well, others not so good.  As I was standing around after and watching the start of the 2/3 field I was really glad I was not in it as people were summersaulting down the big off camber steep switchback part, laying waste to snowfence and fellow racer with muddy zest!

I was sporting the latest in 30th Century Bicycle race wear, my one of a kind 30Cent cycling cap, of course, but also now the Rapha jersey with 30Cent logos aplenty silkscreened by Cody!

Pretty cool!

So yesterday’s race was singlespeed and I am so in the loop I got a late night text message Friday night from he who would go on to win it where he let me in on what gear to run.  So I did it.  I would tell you, but you are clearly not in the loop if you are reading this so you probably don’t need to know.  Anyways, before we launch into more hyperbole of barriers lept and corners skittered allow me first to present you with the photo of the 30Cent Racing Team Car Bike, which carried not just me but also the race and pit bike out to the venue.

A finer way to travel I can not imagine.  So yesterday it was all SS all the time.  I got another good warm up, made it to the staging area to be on the front row.  Whoop!  Off we went,  I had a decent start, then we had to run really far, back on the bike for a quick super muddy 100 yard section, then back off for the big steep muddy run/walk up.  I think I blew up the first time up.  Maybe it was the second…  Anyways, I rode well, the Race Townie was performing like a champ!  I traded back and forth with a couple of people, some lost me, I caught some other people, the run up killed me, one lap I think I walked the whole thing.  Last lap I kept my legs moving and ran all the way up that sucker!  It was a really fun day of racing, other than the lots of running I really enjoyed the course, all the twists and turns through the fairgrounds barns are pretty cool and the Pinwheel of Doom or whatever it is called has been entertaining, too.  One more race today and then I don’t have to go back to the shop to work so I can hang out and enjoy the rest of the action.  As always, hope to see you out there!

Bonus photo sets from Mauro are HERE, there are even a couple of shots of me in there.


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Jingle Cross ’09 Strategems!

Lately, as I ride around looking Yehuda, I find my mind wandering from the usual internal banter of: bike lanes or sharrows(?); and County Supervisor meetings or sledgehammers and dyno-mite(!) to musings of the peace and serenity that can only be found when the gun is fired and the cyclocross race has started.

This weekend my cross season will open, just like Bart Wellens!  Unlike the aggro Belgian multiple time world cx champ, my season will also end this weekend.  I am signed up for 3 races on the Official Website!  Tomorrow night, at Twilight, but not under a New Moon (blog readership suffering, trying to attract new demographic, lost pre-teen Googlers) I will race the 35+ race.

Saturday and Sunday I will be out for the single speed category.  Racing the single has had me switching cogs and chainrings and pedals, removing racks and fenders, switching bikes, switching cogs again, and generally messing with my bikes more than I have been riding them.  It keeps raining, you see, and the course is saturated, slippery, and slow.

The Fuji, which saw to my speed and safety so trustily last fall at the State CX Championship until the last lap of the second race I did, is sporting a 39×18 and a Mafac “Racer” rear brake, which is super cool, but that gear seems steeper than me lil’ legs can turn in a field that the Bush administration might would have qualified as a wetland, so after all the rigamaroll it seems that maybe the Bridgestone, destroyer of the Bridgescissor but afearer of the Bridgepaper, will get the call once more.  It is chillaxin’ in the shed right now next to the constantly evolving touring townie, now with wood fenders!  The development continues, stay tuned, they will be available soon.

So the Bridgestone is geared smooth and supple at 32×17 and sports a totally bitchin’ (for any pre-teens that are still reading, is that even a cool word anymore?) 26×1.5 Conti rear knobby tire.  Probably not very fast, but fun as fun-Fun-FUN, and that is what it is all about, right?  So, tomorrow I will probably just race the LeMond with gears, the rest of the weekend either the single mountain bike or the single Fuji townie.  Maybe both.  And just how good do them locally made and fully shaped wood fenders look, eh?   A set will turn up on the Ira for sure.  Oh yes, it is still being worked on.  It has wheels now, I built the rear one all by myself except I had instruction.  My first wheel, I am not afraid to admit it.  It looks great!  Just need a shiny saddlepillar, stem and handlebar plus the aforementioned provacative bar tape and we are ready to roll.

So lots of action going on, lots of action to come, full race recap next week, if you are around come on down to the races to do them or watch them.  Enter any or all of the beginner women’s races and you could win a new MASI CXR frameset courtesy of us at 30th Century Bicycle, your friendly neighborhood bike commuting and touring shop where, if you did not know, Otis the shop cat now lives.  Look how cute he is!

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Yehuda Whom?

Online comics go way back to when the first person thought to put a comic online and uploaded that sucker.

No wikipedia page yet, but just you wait, I bet there is one before this sentence is over.  So, there is this famous online comic about a guy who looks kind of like me that some of you may have seen over here?

Well the innertubes that have hitherto maintained pressure in only the metaphorical tire of the online webcomic metaphorical unicycle that was Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery are now inflating TWO metaphorical wheels on a lugged steel frame with plenty of fender clearance, a sensible saddle, and sporty Nitto handlebars.  That is right, Cody G is on the scene and publishing her Tales of Woe & Conquest of the Bicycle Commuter at the 30th Century Bicycle blog.  Check it out all week long, the online bicycle webcomic universe will never be the same again!

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Time Warp II: Back To The Present

So here it is, your fresh helping of Pickle!

I have had an interesting couple-a-few weeks.  For one, I did not blog.  I did help roof two houses.  Made my legs sore.  I started running, or jogging, or lurching along, call it what you will.  This also made my legs sore.  I also kept trying to learn to ride the unicycle, which made my legs sore.

But there is more to report than just sore legs!  I also almost severed a knuckle on my left hand on a really sharp chainring, got stung by a bee on my right hand, got a big blister on my right thumb and somehow, in one of the weirdest injuries ever, got the top of my foot sweated into my sock somehow which then pulled all the skin off when I removed the sock.  Strange times to be a me.

But there is more to report than just sore legs and other assorted injuries!  I read the last two books of the Harry Potter series, for fun.  My beard is filling out nicely.  I came up with a fantastic Halloween costume but then got sick and could not use it.  I smoked a hookah!  And of course, I went for some bike rides, too.

And that is all, nothing left out, my life in just 226 words!  Thanks for reading

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