Time Warp II: Back To The Present

So here it is, your fresh helping of Pickle!

I have had an interesting couple-a-few weeks.  For one, I did not blog.  I did help roof two houses.  Made my legs sore.  I started running, or jogging, or lurching along, call it what you will.  This also made my legs sore.  I also kept trying to learn to ride the unicycle, which made my legs sore.

But there is more to report than just sore legs!  I also almost severed a knuckle on my left hand on a really sharp chainring, got stung by a bee on my right hand, got a big blister on my right thumb and somehow, in one of the weirdest injuries ever, got the top of my foot sweated into my sock somehow which then pulled all the skin off when I removed the sock.  Strange times to be a me.

But there is more to report than just sore legs and other assorted injuries!  I read the last two books of the Harry Potter series, for fun.  My beard is filling out nicely.  I came up with a fantastic Halloween costume but then got sick and could not use it.  I smoked a hookah!  And of course, I went for some bike rides, too.

And that is all, nothing left out, my life in just 226 words!  Thanks for reading


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