First Tracks

The typical Iowa winter has been working it’s magic.  Snow, melt, freeze.  Not so good for the skiing, it topedoed our first race, but it is at least passable for going out and getting sweaty.  After a strong 3 days in a row classic style start I missed a couple of days due to other things going on, skated a day when it was really warm and I sucked with a capital everything, then I missed another day due to crummy conditions.

Neighbors house included for scale

Today, however, was magic.  The snow was freshly groomed, I was the first on it at 9:45 this morning.  After a couple of days off here and another there I was actually feeling pretty fresh.  I think it was the best skate outing I have ever had.  Skied 6 loops, never biffed it, and felt like I was actually going somewhere.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, too.  My skis were sporting many layers of wax that Brian had helped me apply over the weekend while we drank beers.  Thanks Brian!  Between building my wheel, waxing my skis, and grooming my current faboo facial hair (chop, chop) I am feeling like a durned-right militant Tarikista!  I am going to get out again tomorrow for more skating, and my boss has cleared me for another daytime expedition so it is good to be the me.  Hoping to work my own waxing stand and related accessories into this winter budget, we shall see.  I sure do love the skiing, and hope we have a long season of it!

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  1. 1

    Tarik said,


    I should have named the blog Tarikista.

    The velorution will be caffinated, or something.

  2. 2

    brian said,

    Glad you had a great skate yesterday. Mine also felt really fast. Possibly the best ski of the year. And now there is a chance for another 1 to 2 inches Friday night. That’ll keep things going!

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