The Amazing Skiing Mousetrap!

Today I went skiing.  My 7th outing of the season, 4th on skate skis, at which I annually suck.  Today I sucked a bit, but also had some really good / strong moments.  One time I only got dropped by the fast people by like a football field or something.  Not too shabby…  We were at MacBride, I bummed a ride out with the Eppen’s in their huge truck.  Lots and lots of people out there, one guy skijoring, one guy who was just in the shop yesterday and not only bought my old moustache handlebar but ordered up a couple of handbuilt wheels for his Raleigh 20, that one pro guy, a canadian, Team Skin representatives, a new local bike/cook/ski/roof/tri/garden/swim/knit/run racing kind of team, and me.  Plus all the other usual local yokels that would be skiing on a Sunday morning.  It was great!

photo by BEppen

I lost track of time, crashed 3 times, got tired, it started to snow, it got frozen into my hair, eyebrows, chops, and all over my sunglasses.  I could not see by the time we called it a day.  It was still snowing, we got 2″ maybe?  The road out was super slick, the Eppen truck was not fazed but some of the sports cars that are so popular with the fitness crowd had a tough time getting out of the park and at least one had to be left there until the road could be cleared.

Upon walking in the door at home, sweaty and tired, a mouse ran across the floor right in front of me.

file photo, but this is what they were doing

The cats were busy, so I used their empty food containter to catch the little bugger for them and then deposited him in our compost pile so he could find something to eat.

If you need some skiing or mousetrapping done send no money now, just ask me if I want to go skiing or mousetrapping and I will check my schedule.  Happy winter, starts tomorrow!


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