Ski, Cell, Sick, Swap, etc

So much to update, too much.  No time.  I will try.

First IC Ski TT of the year went off with out much of a hitch last night, glad it all finally worked out!  And I made some killer trophies if I do say so myself.

Saw a rift in the time space continuum just before entering the Hawkeye Harley Davidson dealership…

We counted ourselves lucky to make it out of there alive!  The Harley dealership, that is.

I ran my cell phone through the laundry and it still works, 2 days later.  Amazing!

I felt a bit sick early last week, got better, than got a full blown head cold over the weekend.  Snot machine.

Went to the Madison Bike Swap last weekend, what a blast it was.

Putting together some kind of “event” schedule for the year, I am in for the Almanzo 100, hopefully another DK200, Ore 2 Shore or Chequamegon, etc.  Maybe the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan, but if I do get into Kanza the Lumberjack is just 2 weeks later and that seems like a lot of training, recovering, and travel so we will just see what evolves organically…

The Shop is good, we have been working on our year end bookkeeping, which is really fun (!!!), and spending quality time with Otis the shop cat.  He is so great, we would bring him home but it just won’t work with our 2 boys and his kitty leukemia there can be no common ground.

John LaRue was in town.  Things got fuzzy…

Ira is in town.

I got the TT Xtracycle all back together yesterday!  It is now sporting my handbuilt rear wheel and a monster 203mm disc rotor that I got at the Swap for $4.00.  I switched the brake levers out for them nice Tektros that can do long or short pull so they match and I think this is it for a while, there is not much else I could think of doing to the bike anyways other than just using it.

It’s nice to like bikes!


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