I don’t really know how it happened, but I went for a bike ride on Friday.  One hour, on the cross bike, to Hwy 1 and back.  It was so much fun I did a follow up ride on Saturday.  One hour again, Salsa big wheeler, rode around in the snow on neglected bike paths.  It was so much fun I was going to ride again today, with others, at the park at 10.  But then I decided to go skiing.  It was warm, but foggy, too, and riding sounded cold and wet to me.  So I rode over to Ashton, sooper tuber full of skate skis.  A college girl yelled at me, “Fishing, yeah!  Oh, wait.  Skiing, yeah!”, nice to have you all back, college kids.  The ride over was good, I was feeling the bike fitness I had attained over the previous 2 days kickin’ in and my tire pressure was perfect!  Skiing was really good, I skied with the Eppens for awhile, they took it easy on me.  I skated half of my 5th lap sans poles and then my 6th lap was my best of the day.  So best that I nearly bonked on the ride home.  Nice to get back on the skis, and nice to have been out on the bike, too.

Bonus to all the riding, I scored a road prize today!  So many screwdrivers out there in our streets.  Proud to be doing my part.


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