A Blistering Ski

2 days in a row skiing,  2 days in a row posting something on the ol’ weblog.  Wowser.

Up early and over to Ashton for more skate skiing.  Temps had dropped overnight, black ice was everywhere but my ride over was steady and sure.  How, you might wonder aloud?  Well, my tires were dialed through a three part process consisting of a most robust knowledge regimen combined with a  general apathy towards townie maintenance, that’s how!

  • A:  Colder morning temps led to an overnight decrease in tire pressure.

For each 10-degree-Fahrenheit drop in the temperature, your tire pressure drops by about 2 percent

  • B:  Tires lose air naturally.  It is all part of His plan!

Understand that it’s normal for most tires to lose up to 10 pounds per square inch (psi) per week. This does not mean you have a slow leak.

  • C:  I rarely bother to put air in my tires.  Call me lazy, I don’t mind.

This is the country where people get in fights over a parking space 10 feet closer to the door.

A + B + C = Optimum townie tire performance on the way to Ashton to skate ski on January 18, 2010 in the early morning due to an increase in traction.

Pretty simple stuff.  So I went skiing again.  5 laps today for 15k.  I did not feel tired from yesterdays 6 lap/18k effort and I had hoped to do 8 laps, but my skate boots sometimes disagree with my feet and this morning they did.  After the 4th loop I stopped and made some adjustments but after the 5th I knew big blisters were coming and I should just call it a day.  My hands were each developing a blister, too, I switched to some new ski gloves this year and they are not as good as my last pair.  I need to go shopping.  Today’s snow was much icier, which was faster, but sketchier.  I did not biff it but I did flail a couple of times, which is good for core fitness.  Skied with Scraps for a bit, and then the Eppens, and then Smoky Joe.  It is great to get out skiing again, it feels like we are cheating with it being so warm and all, but the groomed snow is still there and it is much preferable to riding.  But I did ride home, and even though the temps had risen the black ice had melted so it was another good cruise.  I am so in tune with nature and stuff!


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