Heavy Breathing

Thinking about a new bike this year.  Oh yes, the Ira will (finally) be finished, ridden, raced, etc.  And I  am looking forward to it, but as we at 30th Century are MASI dealers it makes sense for me to get one.  I have had a longtime crush on the Gran Criterium.  Sure, it might have started because of a movie, (some great stuff in that link – check it out) but it really blossomed when I returned to ISU from Winter break in 1992 or 93 and Ralph had one.  It was barely brand new, but he had a habit of breaking bikes, and this one already had a big dent in its top tube from a group ride crash.  It was still a beautiful bike to a kid who was riding a Trek 1200.  That was then.

This is now.  Same color frame as Stohler and Ralph’s was, SRAM 10 speed, only weighs 18 lbs or some unbelievable thing.  Sure I wish it were steel, but I have never had such a light bike so I could get over it.  Would change the saddle out for a flite for sure, put some speedplays on it, but other than that I would be good as it sits.

To provide the bike with a suitable motor I have been training.  Good thing it only has Rival on it, I could never do Red justice and even Force would probably be bored by my mediocrity.  Anyways, I had a pretty good week last week, lots of townie miles, a couple of days on skis, one day on the trainer.  Yesterday I got out for the classic Sugarbottom – Oxford loop with the Thrillah, and this morning I braved the little blizzard and rode a Sugarbottom loop by my lonesome.  Sure was lonely…


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