Townie Pride

Riding continues to go well, skiing is almost a distant memory.  I miss the skiing, but having no Birkie to prep for I am cool with waiting for more snow, if we should be so lucky, and just getting out on the bike.  I now have 2 trainer rides under my shorts, which is dandy, and a few, uh, “serious”, rides outside, and lots and lots and lots of townie miles.  I loves me the townie miles.

Plenty of clothing keeps me warm (sometimes durned right hot) and not needing to change into the zooty-pa-suity means more time riding.  And what is not to love about my townie?  It does most everything I ask of it.  It is a friend, cruiser, racer, commuter, good looker, trainer, load hauler, etc.  I love my townie!

I have mostly been cruising around in town, all at a tempo kind of pace, and getting out of town a bit, too.  I love riding around like this as I get to see what is new in the ‘hood.  Plus, with snow and ice everywhere, it is usually easy to ride some sketchy sections to further raise the heartrate.  Tonight I had an awesome townie ride, the kind worth mentioning.

I rode North from home, and then turned out East and hit a bit of gravel before bee lining South of town, past the soccer fields if you know where they are, and back into town on Sand Road.  It was a fine evening to be out.  Not very windy, cold but not freezing.

Most of the ride was just quiet pedaling, but as I was almost back to town and the sun was set to the West, I saw a big shadowy shape dart in front of the headlights of an oncoming car.  It was heading my way and I closed on it rapidly to see that it was a fox.  A big one.  It ran right in front of me for a spell and I did not want to startle it back into traffic so I just rode behind it and marveled.  It jumped over the roadside snowbank, I hit my bell to goose it further from the road, and it was off like a shot.  Pretty cool!

Within moments of passing the retreating fox I saw another shadowy shape cast by another oncoming cars headlights, this easily recognizable as an ambling deer.  It, too, was headed my way, but crossed quickly and my bell goosing had no effect on it whatsoever.  It just stared at me.  No sooner past the deer and off the road onto a bike path to take me into town and there was a raccoon running for all it was worth down the path in front of me.  Amazing, wild kingdom Iowa City!

I stopped by the studio to visit the hard at work Cody, and finishing my townie ride home I witnessed the amazing moonrise.  All from the seat of my townie, riding around my town.  I am happy just to be out in the world, seeing what it has to show, any fitness these rides might translate into is just a bonus.

See ya around!


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