Riding is Rolling

This Friday will mark 3 weeks since my first chamois short ride of 2010 and things are going well!  Townie miles continue to stack up, wildlife to be seen.  This past weekend I got out for a quick 1.5 hour stroll on Saturday afternoon, a 4.5 leg burner on Sunday and at 2.5 hour cruise on Monday morning.  Some weeks last year that would match or even eclipse my weekly total…  So the best thing about it all is that I am feeling mentally fresh and excited about the year ahead.  We are planning to try something different at 30th Century Bicycle this year and be closed on Sundays, so I am hoping to hit some of the Sunday heavy Iowa mountain bike series.  I did a couple of events a few years ago and had a good time, so I hope to get to a few this year.  Might motivate me to finally get that Niner?  We will see…

This morning I did my trainer workout while watching the 1989 Tour.  It is always fun to watch that race because it was when I first was starting to race so them guys were my idols!  Funny to think that now I can watch even Cyclocross Worlds live over the internet, but back then all I knew to do was wait a month until the giant format TdF magazine came out to see what had happened.  Few helmets, steel frames, some toe clips still out there, even back to back 150 mile stages!

Just 3 more trainer rides on the schedule Coach put together for me this year, wonder what else I might watch?


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