Ira Ryan Ride

So, yeah, the build up of the Ira Ryan frameset that my good friend Ira Ryan built for me has been slow going.  I don’t much like bringing it up again, except it is finally done, and it did not even take a full year!  A complete bike, except the left sti no longer seems to work, and the seatpost and stem and brake hanger will be silver, but those are just small problems.  Today I took it out for the first official ride, and to accommodate the faulty sti and honor the legacy of Mike Walden I kept it in the little ring.

I remember long ago Bicycling Magazine did a 2 or 3 month feature about Mike Walden and the Wolverine Sports Club.  I was a young and impressionable youth and some of what I read still bangs around in my head sometimes.  Like do your first 1,000 miles every year in the little ring.  And chew your food up.  Really, put your fork down between bites and chew that food up, proper digestion starts in your mouth!

Back to the Ira, I rode it today!  I did a couple of rides the last few days on the bike, just around the block and back and forth from the house to the shop so I could check out the position.  I flipped the stem, lowered the saddle half a centimeter and it all feels good.  Today I rode four hours on it.  I can not say with any degree of confidence that it disappeared underneath me or was compliantly this or stiffly that or that it helped me feel the road or any of that.  The rear tire had a slow leak – fact.  But it felt good to ride it, it felt smooth and looked great and we even bombed a couple of corners and it felt very stable.

I was suprised when it started to snow on me, but it seemed appropriate, actually, and the MK  Wood Fenders kept the spray off with style.  A great first ride on the new bike, the only thing that would have made it better was if Ira could have been along for the ride.  Ah well, I have no doubt it will happen someday, thanks for the bike Ira, hearts to you buddy!


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    […] got another heaping helping of snow the last couple of days.  It all started when I was riding my Ira Ryan on Sunday, have you heard that news?  It was pretty awesome.  It kept right on snowing through […]

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