What Goes Around…

Tragedy struck on this mornings townie training session!

Broken rim, super-sucky. So now I get to build another wheel, which is good, but this has been my go to trainer during the weekdays, so looks like the Bridgestone is going to get the call up until the slop subsides or the new wheel is built.

Please observe the above line of silence to honor my singlespeed wheel, which gave so much, and selflessly carried me for so long!

I snapped this “non-offensive” frosty facial hair reflection as I arrived at the shop the other day after another long and cold ride to work.

Actually, the townie has not been getting as much attention the last couple of days.  Since the rest week is over and the snow has dumped on us again I have taken up skiing again.

I skated 4 laps Sunday morning, and it showed that I had not skied in 4 weeks.  Then, to celebrate the stupidity of stupid, I went out and skied classic Monday morning.  Hard (for me) & far (for me) effort of 20k (no rounding), in about 2 hours.  I am really sore today, but glad I got out.  Someday I am going to get a set of racy classic skis and see what happens.  But not this year…


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