Seven Years on the Net

In years past I have had good photos to explain our trip to Minneapolis and Frostbike.

This year I have only a picture of a Twin City turkey.  Not that nothing else was noteworthy, indeed, there was so much good stuff I spent my time taking it in and talking to the makers and leaving the photos to the rest of the bloggers up there.

This was our first time up there as bike shop owners, and as such we had some different goals.  We sat through a full day of seminars on Friday, learning about inventory management and supply chain and cash flow with an hour of bike shop bike advocacy for a break.  Then we drank some free beer in a room full of Lazer helmets and Ridleys, one all decked in the World Champ Rainbows and autographed to QBP from Stybar himself.

Saturday was more typical trade show, talking with vendors and seeing what is new.  Shimano is taking their electric shifting technology and going to work on brakes – believe it or not?  Salsa has some cool racks coming, pdw took my 15mm/demitasse idea seriously, and the folks at Pacific Outdoor had some super cool waterproof and lightweight bikepacking panniers.  The Tour Divide just keeps on calling…

Speaking of which, there is a new race going down this Summer, the Trans Wisconsin is 550 miles of gravel, fireroad, 4 wheeler trail and even a bit of singletrack.  I am not going to push it and try and do the race, which is mid summer, but I did run the idea by Ira and he and I are going to try and go ride the route together in the fall.  That would be dreamy.

I got out for another ride on the Ira today, 1.5 hours worth, and it did not feel quite as good as my last outing, so I am going to have to get out the tape measure and level and see what is what on there.  I got to talk to another happy Ira owner at Frostbike, Ari.  We covered a lot of ground, talking shop and riding and all that.  Always nice to see Ari, he is gearing up for a Trans Iowa attempt, poor guy, but he seems happy so I didn’t hassle him about it.  Too much…

Another ski tt tomorrow night at Ashton, and then, if the snow holds, the herkabeiner on Sunday.  8 laps of Ashton for 24k.  Check the blog for details if you are interested, and I hope you are.

So, to sum up, a good weekend.  Thanks to Mark & Wendy for hosting us!


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    mark said,

    Hey I recognize that turkey!

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