After months of worry, speculation, and itchy-sweaty-blotchy rashes, I got the word yesterday from Smilin’ Joel that I can ride the Dirty Kanza 200 this June.

A mixed blessing (fun yet painful) but I am looking forward to seeing their course and witnessing the madness of what will be my second giant gravel grinder field of the year.  The Almanzo 100 in May has more than 400 people registered, for a mass start event.  I asked the promoter if it would start in waves, not joking, and did not hear back, so I am just going to bring my hockey pads along and enjoy the show.  Dirty Kanza is looking more managable in the 150 – 200 rider range, depending on no shows and extra shows, and that is still a monster field.  I have done some paved style road races with closed roads in fields that big and it was sketchy enough, so these events should be interesting, at least the first 10 miles!

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