Return of the FUJI

Long ago, in a bike factory far, far away…

Plans were made to construct the most devastating townie ever concieved.

It was so simple!  Make a bike for the experienced cylist on a tight budget.  Have that cyclist buy it, then donate it to the Bike Library after they quit riding it and left it hanging in their garage for 10 years.  I hope it was the guy on the left.

A new hope!  A young volunteer will find the bike, stripped of its former glory lying in a pile of other bike frames destined for scrap.  He will build it up into the 1 Speed it was always destined to be!  Oh the places they will go.  Then, (those blue coats made quite a plan on that chalkboard of theirs) toss in a bit of strife to give the story poignancy…

A quick wheel build with a CR18 rim and the bike is back together and ready for more.

Thank you FUJI, now let’s blow some shit up!!


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    That wheel is probably sturdy enough to get you through 200 miles of Kansas gravel, no?

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