Recoverating Actively

My training has progressed well enough that I am calling in for a rest week.  It has been a good winter for me.  I skied, snowshoed, rode the bike.  I did them nasty trainer workouts once a week – six in all!  I got in some long rides.  Not like in the old days, but I feel good about it all.  About where I am.  I think.  That is the game, no?  Did I do enough?  Too much?  Time will tell, but lucky for me I don’t need a lot, if I am slow I can just turn on the glory days stories and coast until fall…

I did the weekend version of the Rabid Circus Animal Jamboree on Sunday.  That was the very last of my three weeks “on” and it felt pretty good, actually.  We rode hard, fast, sloppy, easy, sideways, and occasionally stopped to regroup.  Next week begins the RCAJ in earnest at College Green Park twice a week, and I have a real road bike this year so that will be nice.

Today I rode down to Hills and back.  It was a nice day, very warm and a nice breeze blowing.  I was glad to see that the Jingle Cross course is still visible where the snow has melted.  Twas a nice recovery ride, looking forward to a slightly longer, but just as easy, ride tomorrow.


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