Eagle Point Criterium

Sunday I raced my bicycle again, which is just a greenwashed way of saying I went for two car rides.  Hetrick and the Rock worked out the particulars and, because none of us are juniors, we left at the respectable hour of 11:30.  The drive up was good, we hashed out Amstel Gold and enjoyed the scenery.  Arrived at the park, registered, warmed up.  My warm up was good, they have a big hill there.  I rode around a bit, rode fast twice, and then rode up the hill.  Did a lap of the course and lined up.  Rick had to check my helmet to make sure that it was still legal after 6 years of use.  It was!

I was racing the cat 3 event for the 30¢ Squad and there were 13 of us, I think, and we did 20 laps through a park at the top of a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.  It was mostly a nice course with twists and turns and a couple of small rises.  It had some big cracks in the pavement to keep you awake, some trees growing right out of the street, and the first corner was weird.  I never felt like I had the line figured out for that one and I was not alone.

(Action photos courtesy C Kessler)

The race developed predictibly, ATLAS had 4 riders so they did the attack and counter and a few people got dropped as the rest of us switched wheels and tried to stay near the front.  Which was also near the back in such a small field.  They had 3 primes for the race, and I thought about going after one, but I had not raced a criterium in 4 years as near as I could figure, and I just wanted to get through it without blowing up so I let them go.

I felt okay bordering on good for most of the race.  I closed a gap or two, almost crashed into Dan once, and pulled a little bit.  As laps were winding down my old ATLAS mates put the power down and strung it out, and on the last lap I got myself into the 3rd wheel sweetspot.  Coming out of the last corner I stood up to let em’ have it and nothing happened.  Whoops.  It is kind of hard to recall, maybe I was in the wrong gear?  Did I not throw myself into it?  Was I really that tired?  I’m not sure, but not only did I lose ground on the riders in front of me, but guys started coming around pretty much immediately.  So I waddled on and crossed the line in 7th place.  The race paid 6.

I did sweep the minor classifications of Steel frame and/or fork, Hairy legs, and, due to an obscure UCI regulation, what we are now forced to call Traditional Wheels, which just means they are constructed entirely of metal solids and all spokes cross other spokes.

The prize for winning any or all of those classifications (To win them all at a single event is incredibly rare, of course) is that you can blog that you won them and post yet another nice picture of your bike that a friend of yours built for you that you like so much.

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    Brent said,

    Impressive. The only road bike I own is a 70’s era Pugeot (sorta tri-geek with a Felt tri bike and a Felt mtn bike) with downtube shifters and I am too fearful to actually try to ride it with a group or race. Your amazing conquests give me hope that maybe I should try to actually roll it out someday and I don’t really need to spend money I don’t have on ANOTHER bike.

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