Crawling In The Deep End Of The Pool

So apparantly training all spring, doing some crits, taking a two week taper, riding 211 miles in one day, and then taking a whole week off does not equal success on mid-June Iowa City College Green Park A rides.

Damn it!

Really enjoyed my week off, by the way.  Got back on the bike on Sunday, a couple hours of gravel with the usual folks.  Then many fine homebrews at Joe’s Garage as the rain poured down outside.  Had a great 90 minute morning ride on Monday on the townie.  Tuesday night I went to the park, I was heading for the B ride, but intersected the A on the way so I just went with it.  Felt pretty good, actually, rotated for a bit, and made the decision to pull the plug halfway through so as not to damage myself too quickly.

Yesterday morning I had another good 90 minute ride in the morning, I even did 4 little intervals to try and get my legs back into go fast mode, and after I was looking forward to tonights ride.  Until tonight!  It was a small group, it was hot, and it was windy.  We did the classicist of all the classic IC rides, the Edens Loop.  All was well for a while, I took some pulls, but then I got tired, and then I did something that was either ambitious or stupid or both, and then I was alone.  Not even halfway through the loop, but almost.  So I suffered along, got my tailwind, kept the pedal to the metal, and still made it back in well under 2 hours.  Them rides are hard.  Hope I peak soon…


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    edens loop, mez winds, big gears, intervals, fools errands and big gulps all make me miss getting blown out the back of those rides. good work colonel!

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