Post Ride Report!

Lots of blogs on the internet today are devoted to the dissection and discussion of two wheeled athletic endeavor.  I myself have been known to ramble on about this or that ride I have gone on, solo, in the company of others, in races.  I have boasted, lied (true!), told it like it was and how I wished it could have been.  There have been pictures.  The word epic has been employed.  (Lie!)

Well today, dear reader, I have a treat for you!  I will tell you nothing of tonights ride, but rather relate what came after.

I was enjoying a beer at a downtown establishment with a few of the fellas I had ridden with when I got a text message.  It was from Cody, and it was almost 8pm, and she was still at the shop!  I told her I would be right there, bid my companions adieu and went to the shop.  It was really hot in there, so I took off my shoes and socks and put on floppers and, still hot, took off my jersey.  Cody was working on a tricky coaster brake issue on a Magna that was driving her crazy.

As we were talking about it, a couple of people came and looked in the windows and got to see a nearly naked me!  I put my jersey back on, but my bib straps were hanging down.  So I closed the shop up while Cody finished the repair (long day Cody – BIG CHEERS FOR CODY!!) and we got ready to leave.  I pulled my bib straps over the top of the jersey, kind of ragbrai fashion or something, and we left.

Okay, if you are still reading, good, because this is the best part coming up!  We had to stop at Cody’s art studio which is above the Vine on Gilbert.  So there I am, it is almost dark, I am tired, I am wearing sunglasses, floppers, and have my bib shorts pulled over my jersey.  I am leaning over the handlebars of the IRA, just looking at the ground, when a nice College Kid with a messenger bag says, “That’s a nice bike!”  I said thanks.  He said he has an old Centurion and he thinks it is cool to see someone else riding an old steel bike because most of them have been turned into fixies.  I told him I could not agree more.

He walked off, Cody returned and we went home.  Respectfully submitted, the post ride report.


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