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MASI Folding XTR

Making good on my threat, I bought a MASI from 30th Century Bicycle.

Yee-haaw!  I have about 200 miles on it now, and I love it.  We have ridden some gravel and even rolled the College Green ride last Thursday.  It is lighter than the LeMond.

It has a compact crank which is not my preference, for most of what I ride I would rather have a 38 or 39 small ring, but I want to ride this bike stock so hopefully I can deal with that.  One thing is for sure, it rolls!  I am looking forward to racing some cross this fall, and riding the Gritty Brevet, so this bike will get a lot of action.

Another new bike getting action lately, the shop picked up DAHON folding bikes and Cody and I have been demo-ing them around town.  They are pretty cool!  We have a bus/train/bike trip planned to Chicago for Labor Day weekend to really put them to the test – very exciting!

Even crazier than a bike that folds up or a new bike with a 10 speed cassette, I got XTR brakes for my 29er.

Hydraulic technology, just like backhoes!

Due to an ordering oops I only have the front operable right now, the rear needs more parts.  Who knew?!?!?  I am hopefully going to get back into the knobby racing circuit this week with a midweek time trial at Sugarbottom, if the trails open in time, and then the Sugarbottom Scramble at the end of the month.


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