Crossing Barriers

This past weekend was a real weekend for Cody and I.  The shop was closed Saturday and Sunday both!  Sunday is usual, but Saturday was unusual.  Iowa City Brewfest was held in our parking lot and it took up the whole thing so we got closed.  I took advantage of the break by going for a gravel ride with friends.  We were going to go to the Amanas but there was some rain coming from out that way so we opted for a lesser loop, but it was still really fun.  Spokes broke and/or detensioned, mud clogged, wheels slid, tubes deflated, and spectators cried foul.  But just once!  A pretty standard Iowa City gravel ride.

We rode back into town 50 miles later and deposited ourselves on the Porch of Dr T, not to be confused with Mr T, but your possible confusion is understandable.  Tom got us mildly drunk with fine Belgian beers and mostly caffeinated with some little cups of espresso, and released us back into the wild to resume our days off.

Mine took me home to clean and change and not eat lunch and then to the Brewfest most responsible for my day off.  I was a bit late getting there but I dug in with gusto and was soon all caught up if you know what I mean.  Which means drunk if you didn’t know what I meant.  Yes, I must admit, I lost control.  But I drank some good beer, had some good laughs, and only fell down twice on the way home.  And puked once.  On the way home that is, I puked a few more times at home.  So I felt like a dumbass…

<remember post title here>

Sunday there was a cyclocross race in North Liberty Iowa, which is riding distance from these here parts.  I woke at a reasonable hour feeling reasonably like I had drank a whole lot of beer the day before without eating a whole lot of food.  Cody and I had a brunch date at friends house and while we were 2 hours late we still got there and had some great cold food and warm coffee.  With maple syrup in it, have you ever done that?  Pretty good, I thought.

After breakfast I was still feeling rough, and the Masters 35+ race I had been planning to do was starting.  I stopped by the shop and worked on a wheel, then got a couple of pieces of pizza and a canned coffee on the way home.  I felt a bit better so I decided to ride out to the race, just to see what this new venue was like.  On the ride out I started to feel even a bit betterer and whaddaya know, it only took 45 minutes to get there so I had 30 minutes till the start of the last race of the day.  I was already warmed up and had my helmet on so I took a lap of the course to check it out.  Seemed pretty fun…

I went over to registration and, surprise, surprise, everyone was urging me to race and to hell with hangovers and all that motivational stuff.  So I registered, peeled off lots of clothes and stripped the bike down to the essentials.  The race was the Men’s open and I figured to get my butt kicked and that is what they did to me.  But I never did crash even though it was muddy and gently misting all over us for an hour.  The first barriers on the course were the first barriers I had encountered since the Jiggle Cross last year.  I hobbled around the course and at some point passed a couple of guys who would later pass me back and I finished up in 10th place.  Top 10!  Out of 13…

After the race I rode back to town to complete my transformation from drunken wastoid to accomplished cyclocross racer.  If by accomplished you mean that I completed a race.

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