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Lately I have been watching lots of trials videos on youtube.  This is cool.  Back when my friends and I were performing our version of super lame trials on the ISU campus we did not have much for inspiration.  Riding onto a picnic table and jumping off was about as good as it got.  And that was rare…

So I have been watching the latest video of the latest World Trials Darling, this time Danny MacAskill.  He takes up the mantle from Libor Karas, who took it from Hans Rey, near as I can tell.

Hans is featured in lots of video clips, and just as I am not surprised to see the trials rider of today do a front flip off a castle wall, I am also not surprised that Hans NO WAY Rey is takes his own line over the misshapen boulder of beer bottle opening, rather than using clever tools designed to work an axle nut, bottlecap, or wallet.

Thanks to you trials riders for raising the bars and jumping over them, remember your helmet and safety glasses!

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1 Cross Race Is Worth 1,000 Pictures

We all made it to November 2010!  Good job everyone, give yourself a round of applause if you are not at the library.  The 30¢ Squad of me closed October with a cyclocross race in Des Moines, the Spooky Cross.  I had never raced there before and it was a good time.

photo(s) by the birthday boy

I could tell you all about my great start, the guy who got all aggro to pass me at the first barrier of a 1 hour race when we were at the front, the dropped chain, the places lost, the chase, the blowup, the futile second chase, the dollar and glass of wine stop with 2 to go on that hellish climb, even the out of control powerslide through a corner that looked totally controlled only because I did not eat it.  I could even tell you about the beer I had just after finishing and how good it tasted, but really, I could never tell you everything that happened, went right and wrong, there would be no time to mention little stuff like that the guy who finished 2nd dropped his chain 4 times to my 1.  It is impossible to get every moment of a cross race documented for you, so if you want to know about cross racing – stop reading and go do one!

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