1 Cross Race Is Worth 1,000 Pictures

We all made it to November 2010!  Good job everyone, give yourself a round of applause if you are not at the library.  The 30¢ Squad of me closed October with a cyclocross race in Des Moines, the Spooky Cross.  I had never raced there before and it was a good time.

photo(s) by the birthday boy

I could tell you all about my great start, the guy who got all aggro to pass me at the first barrier of a 1 hour race when we were at the front, the dropped chain, the places lost, the chase, the blowup, the futile second chase, the dollar and glass of wine stop with 2 to go on that hellish climb, even the out of control powerslide through a corner that looked totally controlled only because I did not eat it.  I could even tell you about the beer I had just after finishing and how good it tasted, but really, I could never tell you everything that happened, went right and wrong, there would be no time to mention little stuff like that the guy who finished 2nd dropped his chain 4 times to my 1.  It is impossible to get every moment of a cross race documented for you, so if you want to know about cross racing – stop reading and go do one!


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