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Rest Now

In the old days we never used to cross train or any of this garbage the kids today are into.  Winter was not for skiing or snowshoeing or lifting weights, or yoga or even pilates – whatever the hell that is.  Winter was for not riding, which I excelled at.  Drinking lots of beer, going out to see some heavy metal throw up music shows, movie watching, and generally being lazy.  Or so I remember it…

In any event, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing since Jiggle X, and it has been treating me just fine.  I went for one ride a couple of weeks ago, true, but it was really cold and it made my legs hurt for 2 days.  So I gave it up again.  We have a smattering of snow but I am happy to hold off rock skiing and just continue to enjoy me some rest.

I have been thinking about exercise again, and at some point I am sure that the voice of Dogbait or whoever that is will growl into my subconcious and tell me to get the hell off my ass.  But until that happens I am going to keep on reading books, drinking beer, and eating too much food.  That is my new reality, heavy metal throw up shows are far behind me!

See ya out there, in the spring for some base miles, or maybe even a ski.


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You Fat, Bloated – IDIOT!

We watched season one tonight, and laughed a lot.

Ren & Stimpy, still hilarious after all these years!

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Is This Thing On?

Holy crud, I do not even stop by my own blog much anymore.  Too much to catch up, here are some high and low points.

My hair is getting long again.  I don’t much like it.  Wayne the cat walks over my pillow at night and that pulls my hair just about out.  Hurts like hell, not a nice way to wake up, but then he makes it better by purring, drooling all over, and scratching the hell out of my arms or face with his big sharp claws as he flexes his mitts.

Off season has commenced.  I had an amazingly good year on the bike.  I rode a lot, not like the old days, but plenty for me in my old days.  I raced on 17 days, 19 races total.  3 road races, 2 gravel road races, 3 mtb races, 11 cx races.  8 of those race days I rode my bike to and from the event.  That makes me happy.  Maybe I will do a season recap, but for now that is all you get.

I went through a lot of bikes this year.  After mostly riding the same bikes until they broke this year I went a bit crazy.  It was pretty fun.  I guess having a bike shop will do that to you…  The current new bike is the MASI singlespeed cx bike.  I have already tried the mtb set up, but am now back to the drop bar with the big tire winter can not hurt me set up.

It is a cool bike, I look forward to many good adventures.  If I can look back in 20 years and it looks as beat up as my Bridgestone I will be happy.

Our oven conked out and through the mighty internet I was able to diagnose a likely problem.  Replaced the part and the oven works again!  I felt like an appliance fixing badass, to tell you the truth.

This year is about over.  I am not riding much this month, I have even been walking to and from work.  It is nice.  Next Year is coming, and being as that is my motto I am looking forward to it!

Maybe I will write about some of the stuff that happens here.

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