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Bourgeoisie Me

Crap, now I am one of those people that has a dedicated trainer wheel to go along with my trainer, and Cannonball Run dvd.  I don’t have the trainer specific tire, that is something.  I still resolve to ride it no more than 8 times total this calendar year, for my specific lo-fi interval workout only, and totaling not more than 10 hours.  So I still have time to oppress the proletariat, of course.


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2011 started off well for me, I rode some long, slow, hours for about 10 days.  I had a lot of fun.  Then on the morning the shop reopened for the year I woke up with a sharp pain on the inside edge of my right kneecap.  So I took a week easy and felt improvement like I would expect – every day, until I was back to zero pain easy riding around town on Saturday.  I went out for 90 minutes of easy geared spinning on Sunday to celebrate.  No pain!  Then, a few hours later, the pain returned, sharper than before.  There should be an upside down exclamation point on keyboards.  I have long been blessed with plucky knees, except for when I backpacked the AT, and while the left one can be a bit tricky at times, the right has always been good to go.  Maybe it is sick of being the go-to joint.  Anyways, more rest for me, which is not what I want to be doing right now as I successfully registered for the Dirty Kanza and am just generally ready to get out there and move!

To occupy my newfound downtime I have opened an ebay account and have started listing things for sale.  Check me out, and bid generously.  Your contributions will go to support my favorite charity, me.  I am starting with small, new take-off stuff from the shop, and some of my really good condition used stuff.  I will graduate to exciting stuff like frames with parts hanging on them after a bit.

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Happy Next Year!

It all happens so fast, doesn’t it?  Last thing I knew I was happily resting, reading many books (Lost Cyclist, Freedom, Freddie and Me, others), going to a movie (True Grit), and watching the entire Star Trek TNG series (in order) and now I find myself tired after 7 days in a row on the bike.  So I am resting a bit today and thinking about the rides and races ahead.  And web-loggin’, lucky you!

I have been getting quality hours on the MASI SSCX.  It rocks, by the way.  The Shop has been closed for a couple of weeks to allow us to do this kind of thing and as such I even had time for a long one, 5 hours worth, and I think I got about 18 hours total for the week, so not too shabby!

The long ride was nothing special, just base mileage and icy B roads, but there was this one water crossing that I had to gather big rocks and throw them in to make steps to wobble across, yes my feet stayed dry and it was pretty awesome.

This is my Almanzo postcard.  I finally got to do this last year and had such a good time I am planning on going back for more.  They added a 162 mile option and that is what I will do.  That will be great prep for Dirty Kanza, which is just a couple (er?) few weeks later.  If I do Kanza.  I might jump at the Lumberjack 100 instead.  Kent Park, Sylvan Island Stampede, Ol Cap Crit, Scramble, Chequamegon (I hope I hope), any other suggestions that might come my way.  Your advice always appreciated!

Of course all this riding and planned racing is just to prepare me for Next Year, where my real goals always lie.  You may have heard of some riders that started training for 2011 in late 2010?  Well I am already training for 2012, so they might want to reevaluate their commitment.  Just sayin’…

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