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A One Blog Man

It is hard to keep up with things on my personal blog here.   I put too much time and energy into our bike shop blog, it is hard to find the time and energy to come over here and do it all over again.  But do not despair, the 15 of you that stop in every day to spam me and offer the best in poorly constructed sentences can rest easy – I will never stop blogging!  Unless the power runs out.  There will still be race reports and ride reports and stuff, but not very often, apparently.  Here is a picture, blogs are all about the pics you know.

The winter coat has been shed.

That felt good.  Did I mention that we found that sink on the side of the road?  Road find!  Yep, it sucks to ride with a sink and pedestal, but it can be done.  And has been done.

I can’t believe I was ever a longhair.  This is so much easier.

Last thing.  Cody has been learning about tapping trees to make Maple syrup, and she tapped our Black Walnut trees for sap.  It is pretty cool, and was remarkably easy.  This lofi setup has already produced 2.5 gallons of sap in just a week!   That is supposed to make about 1 cup of syrup

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