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An Explanation

So I have fallen off the weblogging wagon again.  Or is it that I got on the wagon again?  These are the sorts of grand thoughts having a blog leads to.  Blogold my ass!

Here’s the situation.  I have not ridden the last couple of weeks.  Or however long it has been?  But I did build up my old LeMond cross bike into a zippy 20lb townie so I plan to get back to riding it around right quick.  Right quick.  It is a pretty fun ride, I used the “magic gear” so I can use the vertical dropouts with no tensioner.  40×18 with a half link did the trick.  And those are some of the coolest brake levers I have ever had, Tektro makes them, we stock them at the shop if you like what you see and want to see what you like every time you ride.

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Got out for another ride before work this morning on the MASI ss.  A bit warmer, above freezing when I left!

Masi ss outta townie w/flat by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Good ride, strong wind out of the south so that part of the ride was not as fun.  Then I had a flat as I was getting back into town when I hit a little piece of gravel road to connect between 2 subdivisions.  So I rode to the shop, I hit the lap button on the Garmin so I could discriminate, 2.5 miles on the flat.  Not proud of it.

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Pave it with pavement

Got out for a quick ride this morning to the Coralville trails. Had to ride the mtb in for a customer to test ride later in the day, so it was a bit awkward in street shoes on clipless pedals, but I was on a mission!

Salsa SS morning trail ride by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Cold morning, well below freezing. The mission was to ride over to take pictures of hypocrisy in action.

First picture, a big sign next to a little path through the woods, informing us that this is an ecologically sensitive area.

Second picture, taken just 0.15 miles to the west shows that the ecologically sensitive area is quite localized, as here they paved over paradise to put up, you guessed it, a parking lot!  But I’ll bet it will be okay to ride a mountain bike around in there once they are done, as long as you don’t get in the way of any of the cars, of course.

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Out of Townie Experience



Outta Townie SS Res Loop by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Morning ride to work.  Took the long way in.  Again with the leg pain, but I have to do something, Jiggle Cross is less than 2 weeks away!  Nice morning, cold, saw a couple of deer.

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Garmin to the Rescue!

Like so many other once great bloggers I have fallen into a funk beyond funk here at my old blog.  I mean really, who gives a shit what I am up to?  Well – I do!  One of the reasons I started this back in the day was so I could look back and see what ss gear I rode at this or that race, and so on.  It was a good record of how a year of riding went, and back when I started it I really did want to show people that it was possible to ride gravel roads in Iowa on a cyclocross bike instead of a 29’er with AT LEAST 2″ wide tires.  Well, that mission was accomplished, and this blog silted up like a Army CoE reservoir.

Until now!  Yesterday I was riding my 29’er with 2.1″ tires around for a few hours and I thought, I was wrong all that time, this is the way to roll.  No, really what I thought was that I had just got this basic and easy to use Garmin at my favorite bike shop, and it shows what my rides are like, which is what my blog used to do for me, so why not post the noteworthy rides, skis, trips to the store here.

So that is what I will do, starting with yesterday’s ride. Welcome back!

Ride notes: I had not ridden in a week because I hurt my right lower leg, probably knocking it on my top tube one of the 3 times I had crashed in the previous week. I was heading for Sugarbottom to do a lap, but they had signs saying I might get shot by a shotgun if I went on the trails. It was very windy and warm, wind out of the south. Due to no Sugar I found myself wishing I had just ridden the cross bike. Oh well, nice day out!

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