An Explanation

So I have fallen off the weblogging wagon again.  Or is it that I got on the wagon again?  These are the sorts of grand thoughts having a blog leads to.  Blogold my ass!

Here’s the situation.  I have not ridden the last couple of weeks.  Or however long it has been?  But I did build up my old LeMond cross bike into a zippy 20lb townie so I plan to get back to riding it around right quick.  Right quick.  It is a pretty fun ride, I used the “magic gear” so I can use the vertical dropouts with no tensioner.  40×18 with a half link did the trick.  And those are some of the coolest brake levers I have ever had, Tektro makes them, we stock them at the shop if you like what you see and want to see what you like every time you ride.


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