Back in the saddle again

Finally something to share on the old blog! It has been a long dry spell of riding for me. I continue to deal with some weird tendon issue in my lower right leg. I have been seeing a massage therapist and he is perplexed, so we are trying the old take a whole bottle of ibuprofin and call me when it is over thing. In addition to having a bum leg we have been hard at work the last couple of months moving 30th Century Bicycle to warmer, bigger, nicer diggs. With a toilet! So riding has been a low priority, but I am hoping to be able to start getting back to it, and I have a lot of work to do if I hope to get back to even reasonable shape anytime soon. At least I am well rested!

Morning MB-2 Commute by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

This morning I took the long way to work, nice and easy, gotta be careful not to overdo it right now. In addition to this fine outing I also made it out for a couple of hours yesterday on the MASI SSCX. I love that bike, and I had not ridden it since Halloween. Got a couple of trainer rides in last week, too, just 30 mins each, and just easy spinning.



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