100 Mile Cheq to Cash

Alright, the only reason to look at this blog lately is to waste time. So waste a little looking at the gear I am going to use for the Chequamegon 100 this Saturday!

I would ride this bike if I were cooler.

But I am not cooler, I am exactly this cool. So I will ride this bike. 32×18, we shall see. Not sure about the bag yet. Going to use a big old hydration pack with 100 oz, plus 2 bottles on the frame. Not sure what to expect for weather yet, I won’t trust the forecast until Friday, or maybe Saturday night… Of course I can adjust right up to go time, but this is the plan.

I put on some new tires. The old ones are old, the rear was especially worn of course. Plus the new ones have bigger logos!

Big logo! Treadier than before! Also, after a looong wait, I got a new pair of mtb shoes. I am not sure this is a good idea, and I only started wearing them last week.

I am a big believer in the don’t rock the boat Jettero Heller theory of if it is working just relax, it will keep working. But them Sidi shoes had been worn out years ago, and my toes were paying the price. So I got some Giro shoes and so far I like them fine. They fit better, the insoles are not destroyed. The cleat area is much more solid, too, I have long been worried that I was going to pull out of pedals or just rip out the bottoms. That is what happened to my last pair of mtb shoes, back in 1999 while warming up for a cx race. Got my entry fee back, which is better than I usually fare when I race!

Okay seriously, how cool would this ride be up there? Pink pedals, ready to roll. Maybe I will bring it along. Or there is always the 40!


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