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Weeklong Garmin Dump

Peterson’s Scrap Metal Xtracycle Trip by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

I took a ride on the Xtracycle to take shop salvage aluminum to the scrap yard. 86lbs!

Never the most fun task, it always feels good to get it done. Disaster almost struck, I thought my shifting was a bit wonky, but in actuality the FreeRadical lost FAP control and the drive side dropout bolt slipped and almost made it out. Yikes – remember to check yer bolts periodically.

Red’s ride, LeMond ss by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Next I rolled the LeMond ss up to North Liberty to have a couple of beers at Red’s with Gritty, the Gritty Brevet’s namesake. Good times, and nice to be riding again in some capacity. The leg still feels like it is doing okay, this was my biggest mileage day of the year!

Then, because it was so much fun I did it again the next night.

LeMond ss ride to Reds by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

This time with Dustin, the famous brother of Ira Ryan. We rode a bit slower and (unrelated) drank a bit more. Fine beer list they have up that way!

Took a couple of days off then, busy and the weather was kinda crummy. But Sunday got out for a kind of long one, almost 3 hours and almost 40 miles. Left with Jeremi and Ronnie and Evil Rob, finished up with Rob. Rode the MASI SSCX which is currently still my favorite bike.

Sunday hit of lsd by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Pretty tired by the end of that one. I don’t know when the last time was I was this out of shape, but I don’t like to remember it! Last one to dump then, standard long way to work this morning.

Long way to work LeMond ss by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Over the res, nice and easy, leg seems to be holding up.



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Pave it with pavement

Got out for a quick ride this morning to the Coralville trails. Had to ride the mtb in for a customer to test ride later in the day, so it was a bit awkward in street shoes on clipless pedals, but I was on a mission!

Salsa SS morning trail ride by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Cold morning, well below freezing. The mission was to ride over to take pictures of hypocrisy in action.

First picture, a big sign next to a little path through the woods, informing us that this is an ecologically sensitive area.

Second picture, taken just 0.15 miles to the west shows that the ecologically sensitive area is quite localized, as here they paved over paradise to put up, you guessed it, a parking lot!  But I’ll bet it will be okay to ride a mountain bike around in there once they are done, as long as you don’t get in the way of any of the cars, of course.

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Let’s Get SURLY!

Okay, I have been wanting to write a doping rant for awhile, I mean really, what the hell kind of CAT 3 would dope?  Get a grip people, there are plenty of jobs out there that are much more pleasant and pay much better than being a pro bike racer representing a freaking candy company.

But I am not here to badger “athletes”, I am here to badger all things tradeshow.  Velonews, always ready to waste valuable electrons reporting on the latest and greatest in bottle opening or handlebar turning technology, have again captured the imagination of the e rider crowd with this shocking tell all article where they blow the lid clear off the festering toilet that is the market for stupid light and expensive bikes that are reported to be totally rideable.

Okay, who cares, whats the point, what do I want?  Fair question.  Do I want people to quit making bikes that weigh just 6 pounds?  No!  Do I want people to stop making bikes that reportedly cost $45,000?  NO!  Do I want people to quit buying them?  NO!  Do I want velonews to stop reporting on them?  Yes!  Do I want to read about the dumbass that bought such a bike breaking out all of their teeth / breaking their collarbone / being impaled upon splintered carbon parts when their stupid light bike implodes in the spectacular fashion that it is destined to?  No, well, yes, I do, but save it for the Darwin awards if those are still being handed out.  I can wait.

What I want, seriously, is for some stand up individual with a bike company sponsor, I am thinking SURLY would do nicely, to walk into that interbike booth with a 4130 steel tube that says KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN on it and a check for $45,000.  I want this person to hand over the check to the vendors, turn around and smash that 6 pound bike to smithereens, drop the steel tube on top of the pile and walk out.  And yes, I hope velonews is there to cover it.

Thanks for reading my waste of electrons, and keep it real out there.

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Snowshoes is Good Shoes

Boy has my blog ever become unpopular.  Don’t feel bad, you are reading this, so you are here, and I thank you for browsing by.  I just get a bit lonely out here in cyberspace sometimes.  All I can do is keep blogging as best I can, with regularity, and try and say the most outlandish and inflammatory shit I can come up with.  So here goes!  Our nation’s 2 party system is a joke, they can keep talking about putting aside partisan politics but a 2 party system is not equipped with what is necessary to break gridlock.  Like a third party.  One against one goes nowhere, just the potential of two against one will lead to real compromise.  DUH!  I think five parties would be ideal, for this country, but I will settle for a strong three, right now.  And, since I am angry, I will also declare that there should be a maximum age for public office.  GET OUT, OLD WHITE MEN -AND GO AHEAD AND LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS, I DON’T CARE, JUST LIKE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT YOURSELF AND YOUR RICH DONOR ASSHOLE FRIENDS!!!!!

Whew!  I feel better now.  So we got another heaping helping of snow the last couple of days.  It all started when I was riding my Ira Ryan on Sunday, have you heard that news?  It was pretty awesome.  It kept right on snowing through mid day today.  I am in the midst of a little rest, as I had three solid weeks of riding and was feeling a bit tired, but this morning I could not resist a Hickory Hill snowshoe outing.

I took the MSR’s, in anticipation of solid substrate and unstable midstrate combining with, uhh, powdery superstrate which can be quite, uhhh, unstable…

Got off the beaten track and went by the creepy Blair Witch tipi thing.

Someone redecorated the area with some paintings.

Once I saw the tv painting I got the hell out of there, what kind of sick person would paint a portrait of a tv and hang it on a tree?

Out in the open then, and the snow was mighty fine.

As always, it can seem quite remote if you don’t turn your head to see the school or the houses visible from here.

Saw some deer in the woods, do you see them?

It was a great trek, an hour and ten minutes, and I only was on the official Hickory Hill trails a few times, for less than a quarter mile, I would guess.

Vote Green Party!  Or any party, as long as it is not the elephant or the ass…

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Corny Sounding Adjective?  Maybe, but I am talking about Community Supported Agriculture!  Cody and I finally made the plunge and ponied up the dough to get our own big box of veggies every week, all summer long, from folks who know how to grow that also have abundant sunshine and no Black Walnuts in their yards.  We picked up the first box on Saturday at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market.


We have made a lentil / leek stew thingy and some really good roasted potatoes and a fine glass of carrot radish juice and a couple of really big and amazing salads so far.


Food stuffs aside, I have been riding pretty steady for the past few weeks so I am taking a rest week.  Probably overkill, but what the heck, it feels good.  After work yesterday Cody and I rode the tandem for an hour up in the hills North of town and today we took on the Frytown loop whole.  We have much to learn as tandemeers, but I think we are doing pretty well with it and having fun, too.

Riding is going on enough that I am going to go ahead and write a letter to Chequamegon and see if they will let me in, but not on the tandem.

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Oh Yeah

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On The Subject Of American Wagons, Likely As Not Made In China They Were

Slow bloggery of late…  This won’t help.

As a young boy I would watch my sister leave home with a wagon load of Advertisers every other Wednesday and I would think to myself – someday I will do that too.  Later, when my sister handed off the route to me and I had drug the red wagon around and collected my check for $4.40 every 2 weeks I would think to myself – someday I will not do this, too!

It is a leap, yes, but still on the subject of kids, siblings, and wagons – the motion picture American Flyers features a photo of the Sommers siblings with their red wagon, an American Flyer.  Go figure.  I don’t recall the brand of our long lost wagon, but it was red and I saw this film when I was in high school and I was impressed.  I immediatly started riding my Huffy road bike out into the country with my friend Brian.  My bike had black bar tape and a stock saddle and likely never saw the light of a repair stand be it Park Blue or otherwise, but this was basically it.  Huffy 626.

On our rides Brian and I would shake it and break it, just like in the movie, and sprint dogs (if they were around) and sometimes we rode 40 miles in one trip, verified by my dad’s truck odometer.  He would drive us 40 miles from home and kick us out!  Child abuse, unless you were growing up in Italy.

So recently, you may have heard, they started up these internets?  At first they were only good for sending letters to people faster than ever before but now they are good for at home banking and watching videos, too.  Tonight I missed the first group ride of the year and relaxed for a time with the aforementioned most overlooked Academy attention deserving masterpiece.  The music is ethereal, the plot sublime, and one of it’s many climaxes is oooo-la-laaaargggh!.  Go ahead and put together a playlist and watch the whole movie since I can’t figure out how to do it for you and be taken back to me in high school.

Better you than I…

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